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Refund rights and obligations
Refund rights and obligations are regulated in USA by Fair Trading Act 1999 and the Trade Practices Act 1974. 
According to these laws:
A customer has a right to ask for a refund if the goods:
- do not do the job the customer was led to believe they would (the product is unfit for its purpose)
- have a fault that the customer could not have known about at the time of purchase
- do not match a sample the customer was shown are not as they were described
Rights of traders:
Trader doesn't have to provide the refund if:
- no proof of purchase is offered
- the customer simply changes their mind
- the customer finds the good cheaper elsewhere
- the customer knew of a particular fault before buying the goods
- the goods were damaged after the purchase, unless the damage is a result of the normal, recommended use of the goods.